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US$ 295.00 / unit

(gctag0)享受周围的国会礁区的人迹罕至的小路!(gctag1)(gctag0)4小时精彩的越野车出租。请在备注中指明的一天,你想(gctag1)(gctag0)享受车租赁以及上午或下午,我们会照顾的休息!(gctag1)(gctag0)295.00美元价格是税前。 (gctag1)(gctag0)不能与其他任何折扣。(gctag1)(gctag0)千美元保证金和每天30元的保险是单独收取租金的日子。该越野车可容纳2车手。驾驶者必须年满18岁。未满18岁的车手必须戴头盔。我们提供的头盔。马车的背面有额外的齿轮,冷却器等机架。(gctag1)(gctag0)千美元保证金是全额退还,如果车被带回无损害。(gctag1)(gctag0)(gctag1)

Half Day Buggy Rental

US$ 239.00 / unit

Enjoy the less traveled back roads of the surrounding Capitol Reef Areas!

Please Specify in the notes the day you would like to enjoy the buggy rental as well as the morning or

afternoon and we'll take care of the rest!

239.00 Price is before tax.

Not valid with any other discount.

$1000 Security deposit and $30 per day insurance is charged seperately on the day of the rental. The buggies can hold 2 riders. The driver has to be 18 years or older. Riders under 18 must wear a helmet. We provide helmets. The buggy has a rack on the back for extra gear, coolers ect.

$1000 security deposit is fully refundable if the buggy is brought back with no damage.

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