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Updated: Jul 29, 2022

capitol reef national park


We get asked this question often when talking to family and friends about the Red Sands Hotel. It is amazing that so many people have not been to or heard of Capitol Reef. For those that have experienced "the reef" pictures will never do it justice. You just have to experience it.

Many people make the mistake of planning a trip to visit all 5 national parks and just stopping for the day in Capitol Reef National Park. Im going to give you 5 great reasons why you should spend more time in our red rock country.

1. Capitol reef is the least visited national park in Utah. It's a little off the beaten path and you do have to dig a little harder to find the hiking gems that are so well published in other parks. If you are looking to avoid the crowds then this park would be the right place for you!

2. The weather is always comfortable and never to hot! Because our elevations range from 6000 - 9000 feet the weather is always a pleasant temperature. This is especially great for hiking and backpacking.

3. Slot canyons, slot canyons, slot canyons! Capitol Reef is the prime spot for slot canyons. They are off the beaten path and are usually not very populated with hikers. The staff at the Red Sands Hotel are trained to help you find these hikes showing you the best options in our map room located in the lobby of our hotel.

4. The changes in geography are stunning and unique. Many other parks you visit in Utah have a very consistent geography of red rock, slick rock and Hoodoo's. Capitol Reef is filled with such a variety of land formations and color. From the grey moon like hills where the movie John Carter of Mars was filmed to Cathedral Valley's free-standing monoliths. While visiting the Red Sands Hotel you will see the Red Cliffs to the north and the Blue Bell knoll (the highest plateau in to the North America) to the south. Capitol Reef is a international dark sky designation so when the sun goes down this is your place to see the stunning galaxy in the sky!

5. Torrey is located within driving distance to Goblin Valley State Park and Escalante. Staying a few more days to visit these stunning areas are well worth your time. Driving to goblin valley will only have you an hour and forty minutes. Purchase your box lunches at the Red Sands Hotel because there are no accommodations for food once you leave Torrey. Once in Goblin Valley spend your day playing and exploring through the land filled areas covered in hoodoo's shaped like little goblins.

If you choose to take a trip to Escalante for the day you will drive over one of the most popular scenic byways in America. Scenic byway 12 is on most peoples bucket list for a very good reason. This will be one of the most beautiful drives you will ever take. Leaving the Torrey red rock you will drive up over the boulder mountain into the Dixie National Forest. The scenery will change from red rock, white rocks, forest and farmland. Stop for a bite at the Hells Backbone and Grill earning the awarded for Salt Lake City's best restaurant! (Try the spicy cowgal chipotle meatloaf!)

If you are looking for capitol reef lodging or hotels near capitol reef you can finish your day relaxing at the Red Sands Hotel and if you happen to be in town and you are thinking where to eat in torrey, you can enjoy a hand crafted cocktail in the Rock Garden Eatery and Bar located inside the hotel.

Have a dog?Fine with us as we happen to be one of the few Dog friendly hotels near capitol reef national park

If you're still not convinced on planning your next trip to Capitol Reef National Park and have more questions just reach out to us and we'll be happy to help you out and answer any questions you may have! #redsanddshotel #capitolreefnationalpark #capitolreef #TorreyUtah

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